Callum Ross

From an early age, Callum Ross had been creating music and playing shows for many years until the ability to produce music meant finding his own sound. Years of experimenting sounds and lyrics through inspirations such as Frank Ocean, Chance The Rapper, Bon Iver and Quentin Tarintino, to name a few, meant that the emergence of Callum Ross and the music that followed created a domino effect on the peers that surrounded him. Callum Ross took it upon himself to hire out some space and turn it into a creative studio space. One individual multiplied into four members and the development of the music mirrored the development of the studio.

Within a few months, several singles had been produced and the debut single ‘Fake’ was released. On the 18th of April 2017, Callum Ross supported the LA based singer Jake Miller at O2 ABC2 Glasgow. For the first show to take place in a venue such as O2 ABC2 was a fantastic opportunity, one that showcased the work behind the scenes and the extent to which this new collective has developed a new sound. Through sharing the new sound amongst music peers, the feedback we received was not one that could be limited to a genre.

Callum Ross is “pop but not pop, kind of hip hop/trap pop but with an R&B singing voice” From this we conclude that Callum Ross is Alternative R&B/Pop.

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