1. Curio : A strange and interesting object which invokes curiosity.
  1. curio : DJ, producer, sound engineer.

curio brings to the party a warm, infectious blend of house grooves, break beats and cuts of techno, with vinyl being his favourite format. Starting out in a rock bar in Glasgow over 20 years ago, he moved to Brighton where he played many of the seafront clubs, was resident DJ for Fused events, threw all night underground parties with the Contraband crew, and a regular guest with the Honeyriders in London. He has even played live webcast sets to the youth of Iran with the BBC World Service. They quite liked it.

Now back in Glasgow, he enjoys producing music, throwing Soiree parties with Mischief presents, with the odd festival here and there, and cooking exquisite meat dishes.

curio generally tends to play what you want to hear when you want to hear it without your knowledge or consent.

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