GK Machine

DJ, label manager, graphic designer and general dandy-about-town, GK Machine has been enthusiastically pursuing his numerous artistic ventures along the fringes of obscurity for the best part of two decades. He has been DJing in clubs, bars, house parties, raves, boat parties and beaches since before he could drive with sets so frequently varied you never know quite what to expect…..other than your body involuntarily being propelled to jerk around in wanton abandon!

Since 2015 GK has been managing Invisible Inc recordings which specialises in leftfield electronica and psychedelic wonk, catering to aficionados of something a little more cosmic. With releases by Peter Power, Gazeebo International, Apiento and The Immaculate Rivombo seeing the light of day in the upcoming months and the back catalogue including Secret Circuit, Sordid Sound System, The Poncho Brothers, Tim Love Lee, Tross, Higamos Hogamos and Jon Keliehor on the label’s credits it’s no surprise he’s received support from the likes of Andy Weatherall, Optimo, Ivan Smagghe and many more. GK himself has produced solo or collaboratively under the aliases Komodo Kolektif, Strange Culture and Delta Girls amongst others.

Alongside DJ gigs all over the UK and mixes getting requested from here, there and everywhere on a regular basis, the Machine has many other projects in the pipeline: amongst them a solo Immaculate Rivombo 12” and a second collaborative outing as Komodo Kolektif whose first release came out mid-June and is already getting top marks and radio play from many respected critics.

Ready to join the fun?