HexHex is a DJ and producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Mostly specialising in Drum & Bass but also taking an interest in Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Garage, Techno and the wider world of electronica, Hex has been DJing around Scotland since 2010 and holds a residency at Glasgow’s longest running Drum & Bass night, Symbiosis.

Since 2012 Hex has also been producing his own beats, with releases on Celsius, Free Love Digi, TA:LTD, Downtime Records, Transmission Audio, Sub:mission Audio, IDMf, Mindstorm Records and B-Dem as well as self-released EPs available on his bandcamp page.

Hex also runs a blog on all things drum & bass over at www.dnbdojo.co.uk





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July 10, 2016