JointpopFrom The Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, here comes jointpop, with their ‘tough n ready’ renegade rock n roll sound. Ken Stringfellow ( The Posies, R.E.M, Big Star )

Formed in 1996 in Trinidad and Tobago, jointpop, the Rock n Roll group includes singer/songwriter Gary Hector, (Guitar ,Vocal) Damon Homer (Guitar.)Dion Camacho (Drums) Phil Hill ( Keyboard) Jerome Girdharrie (Bass).

“They sound like The Clash being molested by The Beatles while smoking with Bob Marley”
The Guardian

Formed with some of the most sensitive musicians of T&T’s underground circuit and marshaled by Hector’s brilliant piercing social commentary rock and roll songs, the band quickly became the benchmark of the brilliant local alternative music scene with music and songs that had a ready international appeal without sacrificing any of its local relevance.

The secret is the fact that Gary Hector is one of the greatest songwriters that the Caribbean has produced, and is one of its best kept secrets. Apart from this, Hector has always shown a very un-Trinidadian penchant for recording albums. The testament is a collection of six albums which constitute the best produced discography of any Trinidad and Tobago act of the last 20 years.





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July 10, 2016