Kev Sherry

“Irn Bru strength melodic sweetness with stirring choruses, handclap tempos and school-disco grooves.” (Mojo Magazine)
“A noisy, melodic number with the type of fuzzily simplistic appeal that never goes out of fashion.” (The List)
“In a better world this would be a mega-selling disc.” (The Herald)
“Attic Lights are so easy to fall in love with… a big cinnamon smooch, a big warm hug on a winter’s day.” (Is This Music)
“Chiming 12-string perfection” (The Guardian)
“Vocal harmonies weave in and out of this perfect pop” (The Sun)
Coming on like The Eagles lassoing Fountains Of Wayne to The Beach Boys…transcendent – 8/10? (NME)

Kev Sherry is lead singer with Scottish indie band Attic Lights (Island Records/Elefant Records.) He has released two albums with Attic Lights and is currently recording his debut solo album.

Born in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, he played in a variety of indie bands until forming Attic Lights who signed to Island/Universal Records in 2007. Their debut album Friday Night Lights was released to critical acclaim and the band toured Europe and supported a number of major acts such as Camera Obscura, Paul Heaton, The Fratellis and Travis to name but a few.

In 2013 the band signed to new label Elefant records and released their second album Super De Lux. Kev’s solo album will be preceded by the third Attic Lights album which the band are currently recording.

Kev is also a journalist who has written for STV, New Statesmen and a variety of other websites. His solo album follows on from his journalism work exploring themes of feminism, anarchism, social justice issues and cultural relativism.

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