Mickey 9s

Mickey 9s


From launching their, ‘Super Fluent Sizzle beat’, back in 2009, funkmeisters, Mickey 9s have gone on to intrigue and ignite audiences stage by stage, song by song.

With each show the band are in party mode. Be it the lead singer with his masked persona, to the music and the effervescent enlivening spirit that makes their performances so memorable.

For Mickey 9s good-time vibes, high octane sets and peart standards have compelled crowds.

From winning the Best Live Act in 2014 for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, releasing their explosive debut album, ‘The Party Manifesto, to being picked up by Dodgy at last year’s MugStock.

Mickey 9s later went on to support Dodgy, at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus,  when they toured Scotland.

And they’re back!

Mickey 9s will be bringing the party to MugStock’s main stage on Saturday.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mickey9s
Website: http://www.mickey9s.bandcamp.com


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July 23, 2016