Nick Harper

Nick Harper

nh_page_image_rev1aNick Harper is a singer-songwriter who is quite simply dripping with talent.  With a technical prowess that would impress even the most hard-nosed guitar boffin, combined with an incredible, distinctive, soulful voice and effervescent, witty charm, his music is simply astounding!

So why is Nick so good? Because he learned from the best!

Son of the legendary UK singer-songwriter Roy Harper, Nick began playing the guitar from the age of 10 surrounded by the likes of Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Dave Gilmour as he grew up.

However is musical influences do not stop there as his epic live performances demonstrate.  From personal introspection to biting political satire via a charmingly caustic wit. He often segues from his own compositions to well-loved covers he makes his own – taking on Presley, Zappa, Jeff Buckley, Monty Python and Public Enemy (yes, on an acoustic guitar).

For over a decade, he has dazzled audiences and reviewers alike with this heady mix of virtuosity, boyish charm, showmanship and sheer bravado, which in 2003 earned him a (Glasgow) Herald Fringe Angel award for excellence in live music during his Edinburgh Festival run.

For Nick 2016 has been an exciting year with a sell-out UK Spring tour supporting the third and final vinyl ‘retrospective’ LP.  He is also sporting a new live album, ‘Hark!’ which will see him performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

We are absolutely delighted to have Nick performing at Mugstock and cannot wait for his performance on the Chameleon Stage on Sunday!




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July 14, 2016