Samadhi Soundscapes

David is a self taught multi-instrumentalist and Handpan Maker. He has spent the last 2 years researching the fundamental nature of singing steel, enabling him to educate himself in the art of building and playing this very rare and ethereal instrument. This has ultimately led to him participating with his creations at events and gatherings all over the UK. David has treasured the experience of performing at Reiki, Yoga, Meditation + Kirtan gatherings as well as Holistic festivals through out the country. He has also performed alongside many of the world’s leading ‘free thinking’ individuals such as Max Igan, Ian R Crane, Anthony Peake , Dr Masaru Emoto and even a genuine ‘spaceman’, NASA astronaut Steve Bowen .This year saw him Take the stage in Glasgows Iconic Armadillo for a TEDx Talk in June. The Vibrational Resonance and Harmonic timbre of these beautiful works of sonic art need to be heard to be fully appreciated; those who have already had the opportunity to experience them have been transfixed by their aesthetics and sensory appeal. Therefore, his plan to build and perform with these new acoustic instruments will ensure he achieves his intention of touching the lives of as many people as possible.

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