Samba Ya Bamba

The Glaswegian musical melting pot that is SambaYaBamba has been raising the roof around Scotland, the UK, and across Europe for over 17 years now.

SambaYaBamba is one of the most unusual experiments in live dance music the UK has to offer. Taking the instruments of Brazilian percussion, they smash their way up through everything from drum and bass, hip hop, old school funk, via ska, breakbeat, bhangra…whilst not forgetting where it all started – the most infectious Brazilian rhythms on the planet.

SambaYaBamba is an exuberant outfit with a heavy-weight live act including a thunderous 25 piece bateria and stomping brass section. Fusion is what SambaYaBamba does best, with typical Glaswegian flair – and rest assured they will stop at nothing to keep their crowds bouncing and in no doubt they’ve experienced a band unlike any other.

Ready to join the fun?