The BarrowBand

Introducing The Magical World of Fruit and

The BarrowBand came about after Malcolm (band leader) saw a famous cook
trying to get children to identify various fruit and veg without much success (leeks
were kiwi’s apparently). He immediately started writing songs about them and not
long after created The BarrowBand.
With sterling musicianship and an exceptional range of songs varying in style from
folk and bluegrass to thrash jazz, The BarrowBand’s performance is inherently
funny and educational. They bring intelligence and integrity to a moribund
landscape of family music and song.
The unique songwriting of ex Incredible String Band member Malcolm Le Maistre
along with the band’s collective of musicians, performers and artists, create a
performance that is unsparingly musical, energetic and surprising. The band are
multi generational in age (24 to 68) and appeal with fans of all ages.
They are accompanied at all performances by their colourful kinetic market barrow
featuring amongst others swaying oranges, singing kiwis, dancing broccoli and
partying mushrooms plus the occasional animal.
They have played at venues throughout the UK and and in 2016 released their
second album ‘Vegetables and Fruit Too’ featuring another 14 blisteringly brilliant
fruit and vegetable songs. Feel the power of Cauliflower!

Ready to join the fun?