The Dull Fudds

Ladies and Gentlemen….the consistently dynamic and outlandishly outlandish……Dull Fudds.

Heralding from the Scottish Borders , this clued up quadruplet have been friends for many years, through various bands and musical associations, into the resulting gigs and festivals, and not much has changed. They perform in just that spirit with gusto and laughter…With their infectious mix of catchy folk/pop, epic flute solos and drum and bass groove, the Dull Fudds are a boiling pot of genres: a cross between nothing you’ve ever heard and something you’ll definitely want to hear.

“I don’t think the Dull Fudds have ever left a gig without someone dancing, they are refreshingly energetic and innocently enthusiastic. They have something different and the truth is you have to see them play to capture it.”


Ready to join the fun?