The Well Happy Band

The Well Happy band are the happiest band you’ll ever meet! It all started in 2015 when 2 people with their electro-acoustic Ukulele’s chanced their arm and got a last minute gig at The Eden Festival. The Well Happy Band has grown somewhat and played many feel good gigs since then, including The Wickerman Festival, Mugstock, The Kelburn Garden Party, Deoch an Dorus, Doune the Rabbit Hole, Solfest and the 100 Bands on the Borders Festival.

With lots of fun, laughs and audience participation, The Well Happy Band guarantee to get the crowd going with inspiring and up-beat songs about happiness, love, life, laughter and gratitude. We’re dedicated to making your life happier, one song at a time 🙂 And best of all, you’re left with a big smile on your face!

Ready to join the fun?