Young Aviators

Young Aviators

From Ireland to Glasgow to Mugdock country park, we present to you, Young Aviators. With their retro pop hooks, indie melodies from the noughties laced with old school charisma; they manage to cement their unforgettable style wherever they play.

Debut EP ‘Self Help’ is 9 tracks rife with more sing along/dance worthy delights.
A track that does not feature on it, however, is ” Feel European Like You.” The band uploaded the video onto social media following the EU referendum result. Covering the Andy Warhol classic, “Bohemian Like You”, it’s a welcome version for remain voters.
And so far it has been shared 186  times via Facebook alone.

With that,  enjoy the Young Aviators when they hit the main stage on Saturday.

‘Find these guys they’ll be your new favourite band!’ (DAILY RECORD)

‘Something that takes the freshness of British pop from the mid-1960s, plays it at the punkish pace of the late 1970s and gives it the confident swagger of a band from the noughties!’ (HERALD)





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June 11, 2016