Dogs at MugStock

We have moved to a new site which is a working farm with livestock. The sheep will retreat to a safe distance during the event, but the castle grounds are also home to a rich variety of precious critters who we have sworn to do our best to leave undisturbed by our presence. For this, and other generally sensible reasons the attendance of dogs at MugStock 2023 will be on a trial basis. Our continued ability to welcome our furry friends to share in and add to our merriment in future years will depend on dog owners behaving responsibly in 2023.

Doggy Do’s and Dont’s:

  1. All dogs need a ticket. They cost £5 for a day or £10 for the weekend
  2. Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times in the festival arena, campsites, live in vehicle areas, car parks and all paths, roads and areas in between
  3. The festival will provide a fenced area where dogs may be freely excercised off lead.
  4. Clean up after your dog
  5. Anyone seen to either have their dog off the lead anywhere other than the designated fenced area, or failing to clean up after their dog will be ejected from site.
  6. Any dog involved in a violent / agressive incident of any kind will be asked to leave the site. Failing any mitigating circumstances, the owner will be welcome to stay.

You can buy your Doggy ticket at the same time as your own, or you can come and get one later