Donate to MugStock

As a Not For Profit Festival, MugStock’s mission is to make people happy by creating a safe, authentic, and uplifting environment to be enjoyed by and inspire a diverse audience.

MugStock is a registered charity run by volunteers and supported by generous supporters. Our most vital contributors are those who have comitted to giving a monthly donation. 

By donating you are helping to sustain the impact of our festival and our community for years to come.

Gift Aid

Complete a Gift Aid Declaration to add 25% to all your donations. If you are UK Tax Payer all you need to do is provide a few simple details.

Whilst hundreds of contributors collaborate to create an unforgettable weekend, their year-round efforts also build a community which is every bit as important as the event itself. By working together to create something bigger than ourselves with positive intentions, we grow personally, and we develop wider and stronger support networks. 

 Our aims are to:

  • Produce a high quality event of national significance
  • Bring people together
  • Celebrate, elevate and support Scotland’s independent music scene
  • Create a self-supporting community
  • Promote volunteering and support volunteers to achieve great things
  • Promote and celebrate diversity

Why does MugStock need donations?

With 4 events under our belt, MugStock is still a fairly new festival. Whilst our audience feedback tells us that we’ve created an amazing festival, and we are on track to making it lasting and sustainable, we don’t have any wealthy backers to rely on. Losses from early years have been absorbed by volunteers donating their own money, or deferred by understanding creditors offering payment plans.

With the generous donations of our supporters, MugStock genuinely becomes a festival for and by the people. With your help we will reach the point of sustainability, and as a not for profit festival we will have the luxury of focusing on adding value to the event, increasing our social impact and creating Scotland’s best wee festival.

Thank you so much to our growing army of supporters. We genuinely couldn’t do this without you.