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As a Creative Charity, MugStock’s mission is to make people happy. For 4 years we did that by creating an all ages festival of music & merriment. We tried our very best to recover from lockdown and bounce back on a new site with a more ambitious programme, but we didn’t manage to pull it off. 

In the meantime we have evolved, taking  custody of 2 large premises  which we have repurposed into creative spaces, supporting artists, communities and other charities. The cancellation of MugStock 2024 has left us with approximately £25,000 of sunk costs, which we need your help to recoup so that we can continue to deliver our year-round work and to fully open The MugShack as a venue for regular gigs. 

MugStock is run by passionate volunteers and supported by generous supporters. Our most vital contributors are those who have comitted to giving a monthly donation. 

By donating you are helping to sustain the impact of our mission to promote music and merriment for years to come.

Thanks for that.

Prototype Dragon meant for our main stage, will now take pride of place above the stage of the MugShack (below)

Gift Aid

Complete a Gift Aid Declaration to add 25% to all your donations. If you are UK Tax Payer all you need to do is provide a few simple details.

A group of people standing on each other's legs in an outdoor acrobalance workshop