Heavy Duty Box Company are a 4-piece indie/ alternative / punk band hailing from Auchterarder, Scotland.

Formed over the love of 90s Alternative and Brit-Pop Music, the band, armed with a cluster of chords and an energised enthusiasm for world domination, wrote songs with a belief that they had something different to offer.

With over a decade of friendship and love, laughter and tears. Years filled with passion, pride and humility, moments of musical magic and the humbling lessons from the inevitable shitty ego-gigs, has gifted the Heavy’s with valuable experience and a sound that they call their own. 

An almost symbiotic and psychic live style is evident on stage, you can see the surprise and feel the joy when the band jam out. And you know by their faces that you’re experiencing a magic moment with the band for the first time, and they’re happy to share that with you!