Jordy Joans is an award winning non binary, trans femme singer and DJ who grew up working class in Edinburgh and fell in love with music the first time they spotted Lady Miss Kier on MTV.

Being the child of two parents with an eclectic taste in music from soul & disco, to 90s house and underground beats, Jordy started DJing in the queer nightlife one evening for a laugh, that quickly spanned into a career of over 9 years playing in some of Scotland’s best nightclubs.

Jordy’s aim in their music is to infuse personal stories that are relatable and empower voices to embrace their truth and overcome adversity.

They write their own lyrics, melodies and have a passion for DJ sets that take audiences on a journey of self-discovery and liberation.

Social media(s) are:

Instagram – thejordyjoansofficial

Twitter – thejordyjoans