Pilgrims Society

Conceived in Uganda and born in the UK, Pilgrims Society is the brain child of Philip Ologe. His vision to fuse the music of Africa and Northern Europe with the funk sound of America in the 60’s and 70’s the result: Pilgrims Society, a group of 6 musicians from different backgrounds and cultures.

Erik Mauricia, a master conga and African Percussion player, as well as singer and a pretty good dancer!

Joe Djealani, a composer, arranger, guitarist and singer. Joe brings the detail and focus.

Ross MacPherson, a rock drummer now fully immersed in African and Latin rhythms.

Al McIntyre, composer, arranger and bassist more at home on the fretless bass than most. Al is the bridge between the melody and intoxicating rhythm of the band.

Louis MacDonald, Pilgrims Society are blessed to have someone like Louis. A multi-instrumentalist and improvisor of the highest order.

Philip Ologe, composer, arranger, lyricist, guitarist and lead vocal. Philip is the driving force behind the whole project.

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