Pioneers of soupy rock, silly irreverence, and getting revenge on your internet famous boyfriend: The Wife Guys of Reddit have spent the past couple of years ripping out the pages of the indie rocker handbook, and deftly eating them up.

Comprising of the creative quartet of Arion Xenos (guitar/vocals), Niamh MacPhail (bass/vocals), Angus Fernie (keys/vocals), and Elise Atkinson (drums), The Wife Guys attack the absurdity of post-internet life head-on with wonky boy/girl vocals, manic keys, and riffs galore to boot.

In 2021, The Wife Guys released double A-side ‘Drained Jr. / Event Horizon’ and EP Wet and Tired, and in 2022 released (SNACK single of the year-nominated) ‘Pig Fat’ and EP The Wife Guys Walk Into Oncoming Traffic.

They are currently working on their debut album, and are looking forward to weirding out the 2023 festival circuit across the UK and Europe.