Angus Munro

Angus Munro – a piano singer-songwriter in Edinburgh – has a multi-faceted 4-octave vocal range that can break glass. Coupled with a songwriting style that has unlikely bedfellows in comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Cole Porter.

One that’s used whilst flipping piano stools and mic stands in his dynamic live stage shows. 

Supporting such bands as Scouting For Girls, The Hoosiers and The Milk, Angus Munro’s newest EP Mirror Man takes the dizzying highs of piano-pop to the next level with some of the most intricately composed songs in the current Scottish music scene today.

“Mesmerising” – The Skinny

 “A voice like you wouldn’t believe…I don’t know how big his range is but it’s bonkers.” – The National

“A guy who knows how to chuck out a good pop song – just love this!” – Jim Gellatly

“Soulful & outrageous…the highest range I’ve ever heard.” – The Scotsman

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