FXWLL is a Glasgow based Launchpad DJ and producer. He played in Ibiza for 2 months in 2014 and landed sets in Kilties Bar, Highlanders Bar and The Bay Bar, then went back in 2015 and 2016. From those initial gigs he went onto secure sets supporting The Chainsmokers (Arches in Glasgow) and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike (Royal Highland Centre) alongside other large names in the DJ community. After DJing for several Colours events FXWLL changed focus and went into YouTube, performing live covers of well known Dance tracks on his Launchpad with accompanying lightshows. From these performances he started to produce and perform his own tracks for YouTube and his new track Distance has just been released, with a live Launchpad video on its way.


Over the years FXWLl has built up a large repitoire of live mashups and edits across many genres. If you come to a FXWLL set you can expect all styles, from Techno to classics and a bit of the commercial Dance scene. If it gets the crowd moving then he will play it…..and remember, everything he does is centred around a live DJ performance.


With Dundee Dance Event recently under his belt FXWLL has already put his mark on 2018 and has something awesome planned for everyone at Mugstock!

Ready to join the fun?