Tide Lines

Tide Lines are a 4-piece band originally from the Highlands of Scotland. Whilst their music is heavily influenced by and rooted in the places they grew up in they produce a highly eclectic sound. Imagine a 70’s Bruce Springsteen but with bagpipes and electronics in the E-Street band and you’re probably just about there!

Initially formed by 2 ex-Skipinnish members Robert Robertson (singer) and Ross Wilson (piano) Tide Lines emerged just over a year ago with the addition of Alasdair Turner (guitar & bagpipes) and Fergus Munro (drums). They released their Far Side of the World single in 2016 and its lyrical theme the connection between youth and location formed the basis for their first full length album: Dreams We Never Lost which featured original Waterboy and current Saw Doctor Anthony Thistlewaite was released in June 2017.

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