The debut is in 2016 on the stage of the VooBstock Festival in Verbania, with guests of the calibre of “Punkreas” and “Ministri”. After a year of live performing in the north of Italy – Kantiere (VB), Legend Club (MI), Tunnel Club (MI), Alcatraz (MI), Casa di Paglia (NO), they take part in VooBstock Festival 2017 as the opening act of one of the most popular projects of the italian indie scene: “Luci della Centrale Elettrica”.


After winning Emergenza Festival Italia, the most important international contest for emerging bands, they play at the Taubertal Festival 2017 in Rothenburg, Germany, alongside bands of the calibre of Biffy Clyro and Rise Against.


On this 24th of January our first live video of the band has been published, UNDERWOODS | HEADPHONE SESSION, a session of live recording with audience in wireless headphones, declared by Rockit one of the most interesting and promising projects on MUSICRAISER platform: https://www.rockit.it/news/musicraiser-progetti-accelerazione-novembre


In 2018 the first record release and a tour through the north of Italy, Germany, France e Spain are expected.




“This quartet is original. Original in the sense that their music is a wonderful mixture of heavy sounds, and light electronic hints.

Imagine the Mars Volta mixed with the Radiohead in their period “Kid A”, plus some slow moods. That’s the atmosphere.”


Julien Delpy – Taubertal Festival

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