Terms & Conditions

By attending MugStock you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. MugStock reserve the right to update these without notice. 

MugStock is a registered charity run by volunteers who love festivals. We’re in it for the love, not the money and these terms and conditions have been designed to help keep our visitors and team safe, and the festival operational and successful, whilst allowing maximum freedom and enjoyment for all.

  1. Admission to festival areas is only permitted with a valid wristband. Wristbands will be issued upon arrival at the box office to people with a valid ticket.
  2. Tickets are sold online via Eventbrite. Your ticket will be sent via email
  3. Each ticket has a unique barcode. You don’t have to print out your ticket but it’s quicker to get your wristband if you have the barcodes handy on paper or a device when you arrive at the box office. If you lose your ticket we can still let you in if you have valid ID with you.
  4. Under 18s will only be given a wristband when arriving with an adult over the age of 25 and they remain the responsibility of the accompanying adult at all times.
  5. Wristbands are strictly non-transferable.
  6. All Adult camping ticket holders must pay £5 Environmental Deposit when collecting wristbands at Box Office.  For full details please see our website: www.mugstock.org/environmental-deposit
  7. MugStock reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject and remove the wristband of any ticket holder who displays behaviour likely to cause damage, injury, nuisance or aggravation towards any person or property, or for failure to comply with any reasonable request from a representative of MugStock.
  8. No glass containers, including bottles, jars and drinking glasses, are allowed on site. Do it for the sheep!
  9. Dogs tickets are not on sale at the present time. We have moved to a new site and need to assess the potential impact on livestock and wildlife before letting everyone know whether our four legged friends can be accommodated this year. For updates see: http://www.mugstock.org/dogs 
  10. Portable camp stoves are allowed (just don’t use them inside tents)
  11. Personal camp fires, fireworks, smoke canisters, dynamite and small tactical nuclear devices are all strictly prohibited. We’ll keep one or more community campfires burning until the wee small hours. Join us and warm your body and soul before bed.
  12. You are welcome to play music in general camping, on instruments or portable speakers, but are asked to be respectful of your fellow campers and turn down if asked nicely.
  13. Anyone caught disposing of litter in an irresponsible manner will have their wristband removed and be ejected from the site without refund. We are very privileged to have access to such a gorgeous site and we want to leave it looking presentable.
  14. Can’t pretend otherwise: music festivals are noisy. We recommend bringing ear plugs to protect your hearing if you plan on getting up close to the sound systems, and they can also help you get a good night’s sleep. You remember sleep right? MugStock aim to make free ear plugs available from the box office and bars.
  15. The campsites and car parks must be vacated by 5pm on Monday.
  16. 1 night camping ticket holders must vacate the campsite by 5pm the day they wake up. Live in vehicles are allowed with a valid ticket. Live in vehicles parked outside designated areas will be removed.
  17. Our licensed bars will only serve alcohol to those aged 18 plus.  If you look like you might be 25 or younger we’ll ask you to show a legally accepted piece of photo ID.
  18. You can take Photos and Video Recordings for non-commercial use only, but try not to spend the weekend glued to your phone. Be where you’re at
  19. By attending you agree and understand that you may be photographed and filmed and that photographs and videos may be used by MugStock for social and marketing purposes
  20. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk
  21. No vehicles are permitted in camping areas (expect live in vehicles in designated live-in areas)
  22. MugStock cannot be held responsible for loss, theft or damage to items belonging to ticket holders. Valuables lockers with USB charging points are available for hire
  23. Tickets cannot be refunded. You may transfer your ticket to someone else if you wish
  24. Subject to availability you may upgrade / alter your ticket choices, for example paying the difference to swap a Saturday ticket for a full weekend. There may be a small admin fee for this service. For more information refer to your ticket email or contact hi@mugstock.org for advice.
  25. Tickets may only be purchased for personal use.  No agencies or touts thank you very much. We reserve the right to invalidate suspicious purchases.
  26. Illegal substances are just as illegal at MugStock as they are anywhere else in the UK.  Searches may be carried out by security staff. A large proportion of our audience are children and young people. We hope that our visitors will be respectful and considerate towards one another, and prioritise their own wellbeing.
  27. MugStock takes place on a country estate, with a wide variety of walking surfaces, in a country famous for its dynamic weather personalities. Prepare with suitable footwear and clothing, and watch your step. First Aid will be available on site.
  28. MugStock will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage sustained before, during or after the event unless caused by our negligence.
  29. MugStock may use contact details supplied by ticket buyers to share important logistical information about the event. MugStock also have an opt in mailing list for more general information and marketing.
  30. Have fun and be excellent to each other.