When you buy your MugStock tickets you’ll be asked to complete a short survey. This page aims to explain what we ask and why, and what we do with your answers.

Your Privacy

The information you provide as an individual is combined with everyone else’s and used to create statistical data, which we use for planning and reporting. We will never pass on personal information to third parties. That’s not cool.

Questions we ask: 

We ask your approximate age in order to produce statistics for our funders, for instance saying that xx% of ticket holders were aged xx – xx.

We ask roughly where you live in order to report back to our funders who may be interested to know whether MugStock attracts people to travel to other local authority areas, or from other countries.

We ask what made you decide to come to MugStock so we can make more informed choices about how to promote the festival so that we can spend less on advertising and more on artists, and get more lovely folk like you to come

Thanks, and have a great time at MugStock