MugStock 2023 will feature over 150 unique acts across 4 days, including a brand new 11am – 2pm Monday cool-down session.

We are renouned for currating a genre-defying lineup featuring acts from across the world, with our focus firmly footed on profiling the very best of Scottish emerging talent.

We’re currently looking for the best headliners we can find. To receive lineup announcements direct to your inbox sign up for our entirely unspammy mailing list MugsTalk below:

There is still plenty of space on the bill, so we’re inviting applications from acts across all genres as well as workshop providers, walkabout artists, visual artists and VJs. Click below if that’s you… 

We’d also love to hear from our community about who they’d like to see. Use the form below to chip in your tuppenceworth. All messages will be read by our programming team.  

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